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Online selling and buying, not an easy task, each transaction is not safe. If there are 60% secure online transactions, 40% fake people are also present here. So, terms and conditions are essential in online businesses. The online stores face different issues like privacy that must be issued before starting a business. Ignoring these privacy and security issues can further create problems for the company or store and can damage their reputation. Therefore at, we will first address these issues for smoothing our path. All the terms related to irregular transaction and threats are discussed here.

Placing Order

There is no any corrupt commitments at, what we say we deliver it. The quality we assure to our customers is handed over to every client without any compensation or excuse. The design you chose for you custom sports jersey will be delivered as it is, no amendments are made in your plan. No matter, how difficult or complex your design is, we will implement it.

Once you placed the order, it is delivered within the recommended time limit. You can always check your order from delivery, packaging to designing. Our customer service is also open to your questions.

Privacy Policy

Dealing with the internet includes millions of people, and hence it is hazardous. Our specialists from scams secure your private data like bank account number and address. But, still, if you feel that something is fishy, you can immediately join with our customer service center and complain. We will resolve every issue as soon as possible.

Payment details

While you are purchasing anything from, it offers different means of payment like master card, visa cards, and PayPal. A whole aspect of payment is specified on the slip, and there are no hidden charges by Everything we charge is documented.

Return Policy

Mistakes are closely related with humans, in case of a faulty product or wrong design we will never give up. There is a specific time limit within which you can request for return, and we will deliver it back to you after correcting. 

Free Shipping In USA

Free Shipping In USA
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